• BagFlag

    Two of the most effective methods of brand advertising now combined to form one promotional product.
  • Put your brand In the hands of your fans!

    Engage users and advertise for longer.
  • Simple, effective design

    Easy to use: Pull for Flag, Push for Bag
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It's a Bag. It's a Flag.

It's the only promotional product that everybody is waving about!

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What is BagFlag?


BagFlag can be custom printed up to full colour and 100% coverage with any design, combination, brand, message or image. 


BagFlag has a built in telescopic pole that allows the user to repeatedly choose between a functional Bag or a hand waving Flag. This simple operation of the pole is: Pull for Bag and Push for Flag.


A Market That is Growing


Millions of Bags and Flags are sold globally each year, both in promotional and retail market sectors. BagFlag combines these two very effective promotional devices into one simple, easy to use product.



Versatile, User Friendly, Fun


No matter what organisation or market sector you or your clients represent, the BagFlag is the perfect promotional tool to use. Give it away, sell it to raise money and create awareness for your cause and let the BagFlag continue to spread and promote your brand and its message.

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    The latest in promotional products!

Flag is a new promotional product to help you and your business make the most of your message! Bagflag is fully customisable to your business specific needs! Whether that be a logo, image or design, these can all be printed on either side or both sides of Bagflag!

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Applications of Bag Flag!

BagFlag can simply bridge any event world-wide. By combining two heavy weights of brand advertising “the Bag & the Flag” BagFlag is a tool to utilise in your campaigns or event regardless of which market sector your organisation happens to be in:  Sports, music, charitable, political, religious, cultural, nationalistic or corporate are all covered.  Promotional campaigns or retail situations alike, BagFlag offers unlimited scope to provide extended brand exposure through its versatile application range and potential for repeated use. 


Effectiveness of Bags as Promotional Products
Effectiveness Of Flags As Promotional Products

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